Welcome to Weihai Hechi Yacht Co., Ltd.!

Welcome to Weihai Hechi Yacht Co., Ltd.!

Company Profile

By:admin | 2021-09-02

Weihai Hechi Yacht Co., Ltd. is located in Chengshan Town, Rongcheng City, Shandong Province, China, which is also the location of the World-famous Swan Lake Tourist Resort at the Cape of Good Luck. The company has a registered capital of 3 million, covers an area of more than 50 acres, and has an office building, research and development room and production workshop of more than 6000 square meters. The honest and simple Jiaodong culture has created Weihai Hechi Yacht's business philosophy of being honest, doing things with integrity, persevering and being firm as a rock.

SUP paddle board surfing is one of the most popular extreme sports nowadays, and it has been widely sought after by more and more young people. Surfing is an expression of challenging the sea and challenging oneself. The excitement it brings can not be replaced by any other sports. Surfing is a sport that uses the waves as the driving force and uses its superb skills and balance ability to fight the waves. Athletes stand on surfboards, or use webs, kneeboards, inflatable rubber cushions, rowing boats, kayaks, and other water sports to control the waves. No matter what kind of equipment is used, athletes need to have high skills and balance ability, and they must be good at swimming long distances in wind and waves.

At present, the company's products are mainly sold at home and abroad. The company now has a professional designer team. The design concept is composed of Chinese elements, punk elements, Japanese and Korean elements, Amazon and other elements. The company researches and develops SUP paddle board, dual-use rubber boats, lifeboats, fishing boats, life-saving inflatable boats, RIB glass steel boats, RIB aluminum boats, and ship accessories. The product's stability, anti-settling, wind and wave resistance, tear strength and degree of corrosion resistance in acidic and alkaline environments, etc., have reached domestic and EU standards. At the same time, it adopts the advanced cold composite bonding technology of European and American countries in the shipbuilding industry at home and abroad to avoid the phenomenon of opening and degumming due to continuous use of dual-purpose rubber boats or assault boats.

The production raw materials are selected from domestic and foreign high-quality suppliers. After the raw materials arrive at the production workshop, they will be inspected and screened by professional technicians to strictly control the flow of inferior raw materials into the production workshop to avoid quality problems caused by inferior materials. A stable team, efficient equipment, innovative technology and strong strength are your wisest choice.

We have always firmly believed that quality is our life and service is our soul. As a manufacturer of new brands, advanced technology and excellent products are our development goals and service objectives. The company will strive to become one of China’s future water sports Navigation lights.

Weihai Hechi Yacht Co., Ltd. will order and produce according to the different needs of customers. We sincerely look forward to the most pleasant cooperation with you. Contact number: 0631-8856198

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